1. Open iPhone with TouchID directly without having to press the Home button again.

[Turn ON] setting-general-accessibility-home button -resetfinger to open

2. Speed up iPhone by reducing motion of the user interface, including the parallox effect of icons

[Turn ON] setting-general-accessibility-reduce motion

3. Clear the list of apps that stay in background and refresh frequently without your notice. The intention of automatic background app refresh is to refresh their content when on WLAN or cellular in the background and accelerate serving the content to you. However, the function consumes cellular data and and battery power. To reduce cellular data usage and preserve battery life, turn off all apps that do not need frequently refresh their contents at the background.

[Turn OFF]setting-general-background app refresh

4.Location services

Change app do not need location services to NEVER.

setting-privacy-location services

Turn off some system services

setting-privacy-location services

[turn OFF] location-based apple ads

[turn OFF] location-based suggestions

[turn OFF] significant locations

[turn OFF] iPhone analytics

[turn OFF] popular near me

[turn OFF] routing and traffic

5. Control Center

Do not allow to access Control Center at locked condition.

[turn OFF] setting-TouchID$Passcode-Control Center

[turn ON] wallet

[turn ON] erase data – erase all data on this iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts to protect your data on the phone.


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