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Chinese lunar calendar algorithms – c++ code

This C++ code snippet was from the internet. // Calendar1.cpp : implementation file // /*************************************************************************** 致看到这些源代码的兄弟: 你好! 这本来是我为一个商业PDA产品开发的日历程序,最近移植于PC机上, 所以算法 和数据部分是用纯C++写的,不涉及MFC,所有的代码都是以短节省存储空间为主要目 的. 很高兴你对这些代码有兴趣,你可以随意复制和使用些代码,唯一有一点小小的 愿望:在你使用和复制给别人时,别忘注明这些代码作者:-)。程序代码也就罢了,后 面的数据可是我辛辛苦苦从万年历上找出来输进去的。 如果你有什么好的意见不妨Mail给我。 或 2000年3月 ****************************************************************************/ #include “stdafx.h” #include “Calendar.h” #include “Calendar1.h” #include “Calendarfrm.h” #ifdef _DEBUG … Continue reading

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A brand new version of eDigitizer with improved functions

Since the eDigitizer 2.0 released in a couple of year ago, new functions were requested and fulfilled. Some minor bugs were fixed. Now it is time to announce that a brand new version 2.10 is released. The new version brings … Continue reading

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Draw on stretched, zoomed, or centered images in PictureBox in C#

When I wrote an application, eDigitizer 2.0 and its new release eDigitizer 2.10,  that allows user to draw lines on images in the PictureBox control, I encountered a problem that lines or shapes I drew on the image are off … Continue reading

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SQLite database engine and sample code in C#

The definition in SQLite official site is the following: “SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world.” So, how can we … Continue reading

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Use at C# project – a complete solution

Introduction When I am working on TwitterGIFT project, I need find how to use Twitter API in my C# project. I know CURL is really good at Linux environment. My PERL script use it to access Twitter API functions. It … Continue reading

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