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PERL processes files and related functions

Command line parameters If you want to know how many command line arguments the program gets, you can use $#ARGV because ARGV is an predefined array in Perl. Here is code snippet to use this array. if ($#ARGV != 1) … Continue reading

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Remove BOM from utf-8 files

Problem When I developed a PHP web application with multiple language support, I encountered a situation that PHP report “header is already sent”. That was caused by the Unicode Byte Of Mark (BOM) at the beginning of files in utf-8 … Continue reading

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U’s Bargain Network, an online deal publishing system

U’s Bargain Network is a website that publishes online deals, bargains, discounts, and coupons related to computer, software, gaming, electronics, and video and more. It was intensively developed through the last two years. It is powered by online deal publishing … Continue reading

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A PERL script to get Twitter user information

If you are a Twitter user and do business on Twitter, you probably think about how I can target to a group of Twitter users, such as living in certain region or having similar interests. Can we screen Twitter users … Continue reading

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Automatically send updates to Twitter

Here is a PERL script I developed to automate Twitter update activity. The fundamental thing is you have a database and all updates are stored there. You are sick of sending all Twitter updates manually. As long as you meet … Continue reading

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