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From http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19212293/mimicking-an-ajax-call-with-curl-php I’m scraping a site using curl (via PHP) and some information I want is a list of products which is by default only showing the first few ones. The rest is passed to the user when they click a … Continue reading

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JavaScript handling UTF8 characters

When I developed a PHP web application with AJAX. I encountered a problem that JavaScript cannot process utf-8 character correctly. Whenever user enter a UTF-8 string, it was converted to ASCII in JavaScript and delivered to PHP script. The site … Continue reading

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Tips for website development

I have encountered surprised issues when I developed Bookmark Manager 2.0. They were solved successfully after I spent a significant amount of time. To share my ideas and thought with friends, I summarized the processes and generated a list of … Continue reading

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A complete, generic AJAX framework (code provided)

AJAX technology is useful to update part of a web page. It is widely used on the Web 2.0 now. Several months ago I started to explore the AJAX technology and applied it to one of the web sites, U’s … Continue reading

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