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Turn on the web server service on macOS

Apache webserver is shipped with all macOS version. The newer macOS version no longer provides user interface to control the webserver. Geeks who know Linux can turn on and off the webserver easily through the command line client. The following article on Apple community provides a step by step tutorial to do this.

Setting up a local web server on macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”

After you follow the above article to turn on your webserver. You can find the all software is up to date and ready to use. The latest PHP version is 7.1.7.


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Air Drive – an APP that turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a wireless drive

A while ago I introduced an iPhone / iPad app, FilePro, which is a good app for transfer files from your iPhone/iPod to computer. It provides two ways to do this, FTP server and iTune app interface. Recently I came across with an new app called Air Drive. It has the similar functions to transfer files between computer and your handhold devices. Its advantages include using web interface instead of FTP server, and providing alternative way to access your photos on your device. By using web interface, you can easily share your photos and files with others within LAN and even through the internet.

The following screen shot is its WWW server control window. What you need to do is to turn on/off the web server. Once you turn on the www server, IP address of the web server will show in the screen.

Then you can use the given ip address to visit the web server, the following is a screen shot of the web interface. It is convenient and easy to access your files and photos even though its functionality is limited.

Please refer to FileApp – a useful tool for file transfer between iPod/iPhone and PCs for detail to use iTune to transfer data files to Air Drive.


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FileApp – a useful tool for file transfer between iPod/iPhone and PCs

FileApp is a free app in iTune store. After I got it and tried a little bit. By following the app maker’s suggestions, I went their website and downloaded DiskAid, which is a paid application. I tried it and found its functions are just so so. Unwilling to pay for the application, my only choice is to use either iTune or FTP.

First let us explore the FTP solution.In the FileApp side, it is straight forward. After you open the app, tap the middle button on the top right corner, it looks like a wireless beam. When the sharing screen appears, tap WIFI button in the middle, the bottom part of the screen switch to Wi-Fi connection. There will be a LAN ip address with a port number, for example,, in which 2121 is the port number. When you setup the connection in your FTP client, you have to change the default port number 21 to 2121. The ip address is in this case. In Windows, there are plenty of free FTP clients. I found one at It provides enough functions you need.

Second, let us look at the iTune solution. After you plug in your iPod/iPhone to your PC, you can use iTunesʼ built-in interface for ʻFile Sharingʼ to add and remove files from your iPod/iPhone.  Start iTune, select your device, and go to the ʻAppsʼ section at the bottom of the screen. You will find a list of Apps, select “FileApp”, then at the right hand side, you can see the file and folder list. At the bottom of the box, there are two button allow you add or remove files. See the following screen shot.

Enjoy your iPod/iPhone and FileApp and forget DiskAid.


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