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Use the OCR function of the Google Docs to process images or PDF files

I was looking for a good OCR software to process scanned Chinese documents recently. I found that Google Documents provides the nice function online. The link to the Google doc OCR function is https://docs.google.com/DocAction?action=updoc. After you log into your Google … Continue reading

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Save and retrieve utf-8 characters to MySQL database directly

As the new version of MySQL Workbench (V5.2.31) rolled out, it solved the utf-8 character problem. I can directly insert, query, and edit utf-8 characters. This is first time I use the interface to directly handle Chinese characters in utf-8. … Continue reading

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JavaScript handling UTF8 characters

When I developed a PHP web application with AJAX. I encountered a problem that JavaScript cannot process utf-8 character correctly. Whenever user enter a UTF-8 string, it was converted to ASCII in JavaScript and delivered to PHP script. The site … Continue reading

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A good website for text translation between English and Chinese

Recently there is a need to translate some English documents to Chinese. Since the documents are long and also with some unfamiliar words, I need to look up dictionary to translate the documents. It is tedious and time-consuming. One of … Continue reading

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EnCoding Converter 2.0

Introduction EnCoding Converter 2.0 can convert text files from one encoding to another. It is very useful to webmasters or document managers at all levels. People living in eastern world use characters totally different from western alphabetic letters, such Chinese … Continue reading

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