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Data Analysis of Field Experiments in Agriculture with R

I wrote a series of lectures about analyzing data from agricultural experiments with Minitab long time ago. Since then I learned using SAS and R to analyzing experimental data. In order to share my experiences in data management and analysis in the three software environments I started to put together data analysis, experimental design, and advanced data analysis in SAS, Minitab and R. Since the original series of lectures were written in Chinese, I will put all thing in Chinese first and then in English.


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Matlab Toolbox: Fuzzy Clustering and Data Analysis Toolbox

I googled “fuzzy clustering and matlab” and wanted to find some tools for data clustering today. I came across a very good MATLAB toolbox at In the web page, you can find source code and a detailed documentation that describes several popular clustering methods and validation methods, too. The Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB functions. The toolbox provides four categories of functions: 1) Clustering algorithms, 2) Evaluation with cluster prototypes, 3) Validation and 4) Visualization (See the following figure). In addition, it also provides some real examples that you can use them as start point for your project. To learn more you can visit author’s website or download source code and documentation here.


MATLAB Source code –
Toolbox documentation – FuzzyClusteringToolbox


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