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A brand new version of eDigitizer with improved functions

Since the eDigitizer 2.0 released in a couple of year ago, new functions were requested and fulfilled. Some minor bugs were fixed. Now it is time to announce that a brand new version 2.10 is released. The new version brings … Continue reading

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Customized cursor in window controls (C#)

I wanted to show a big cross as a cursor in an image control when I wrote eDigitizer in C#. The big cross can help users to accurately digitize graphs. I searched the intenert and found some useful information. Based … Continue reading

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eDigitizer user guide

As a researcher, you may encounter the following situations from time to time. You need to get original data for a graph published in a scientific paper. The simple way is to use a ruler and estimate the value of … Continue reading

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eDigitizer – a Windows application to digitize graphs

Introduction eDigitizer is a powerful tool that can help users to digitize the data points in graphs. It is extremely useful to scientists and engineers who are trying to use data from scientific literature in their study. Click here to … Continue reading

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