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FTP server on Ubuntu

OpenSSH includes sftp server if openSSH is installed in a Ubuntu system. No need to install another ftp server, such as vsftpd, which is nice for virtual ftp users. If there is no need for virtual FTP server, do not … Continue reading

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FileApp – a useful tool for file transfer between iPod/iPhone and PCs

FileApp is a free app in iTune store. After I got it and tried a little bit. By following the app maker’s suggestions, I went their website and downloaded DiskAid, which is a paid application. I tried it and found … Continue reading

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User guide of NSLU2 file/web server

1. Introduction 2. Installation and configuration 3. FTP server 4. Web server 5. SSH server 6. Port forwarding 1. Introduction Currently more and more families subscribe broadband Internet services, either Cable or DSL. In general, every family has more than … Continue reading

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Use MySQL to handle VSFTPD virtual users on Debian/Ubuntu System

VSFTPD is a secure, robust FTP server on Unix/Linux system. It not only can handle local users but also virtual users. Virtual users have to use username and password to access ftp server instead of anonymous user. I helped to … Continue reading

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