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A generic PHP function to generate navigation bar for web applications

When you write a page with a long list in a web application, you may always want to break the list to pages to show only part of the list. And further, allow user use a navigation bar with page … Continue reading

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Table with Excel – TWE 2.0

Introduction Microsoft Excel is very popular spreadsheet software. It is widely used in education, in scientific research, in managing financial activities. Nowadays, the common versions of Microsoft Excel are version 2003 and 2007. The functions of these versions are very … Continue reading

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Search maximum and minimum of a function in a given range and its corresponding value of independent variable

More often, we need find the maximum or minimum value of a function within a given range. In Excel, we can develop a user-defined worksheet function to fulfill this goal. Here provides a user-defined function called minmax. This function is … Continue reading

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Using R to create brick block graphs

R provides powerful graphics functions. We can use it to draw very complicated and beautiful graphs. Here provides a complete solution to draw brick block graph in R. The function name is brickblock that takes a matrix, graph height, a … Continue reading

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