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Using Office Web Components to draw graphs on Excel userforms

The Office Web Components (OWC) are a series of components that you can add into a web page or any Office application. A typical use of the OWC in Office application is to add a graph in a user defined … Continue reading

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eDigitizer user guide

As a researcher, you may encounter the following situations from time to time. You need to get original data for a graph published in a scientific paper. The simple way is to use a ruler and estimate the value of … Continue reading

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Graph Digitization in MATLAB

Sometimes we need digitize graphs from scientific papers because we can not get the original data. The digitized data can be used to fit model or redraw graphs. How can we achieve the goal? At the beginning I think we … Continue reading

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Using R to create brick block graphs

R provides powerful graphics functions. We can use it to draw very complicated and beautiful graphs. Here provides a complete solution to draw brick block graph in R. The function name is brickblock that takes a matrix, graph height, a … Continue reading

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eDigitizer – a Windows application to digitize graphs

Introduction eDigitizer is a powerful tool that can help users to digitize the data points in graphs. It is extremely useful to scientists and engineers who are trying to use data from scientific literature in their study. Click here to … Continue reading

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