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Several important and useful iPhone/iOS settings

1. Open iPhone with TouchID directly without having to press the Home button again.

[Turn ON] setting-general-accessibility-home button -resetfinger to open

2. Speed up iPhone by reducing motion of the user interface, including the parallox effect of icons

[Turn ON] setting-general-accessibility-reduce motion

3. Clear the list of apps that stay in background and refresh frequently without your notice. The intention of automatic background app refresh is to refresh their content when on WLAN or cellular in the background and accelerate serving the content to you. However, the function consumes cellular data and and battery power. To reduce cellular data usage and preserve battery life, turn off all apps that do not need frequently refresh their contents at the background.

[Turn OFF]setting-general-background app refresh

4.Location services

Change app do not need location services to NEVER.

setting-privacy-location services

Turn off some system services

setting-privacy-location services

[turn OFF] location-based apple ads

[turn OFF] location-based suggestions

[turn OFF] significant locations

[turn OFF] iPhone analytics

[turn OFF] popular near me

[turn OFF] routing and traffic

5. Control Center

Do not allow to access Control Center at locked condition.

[turn OFF] setting-TouchID$Passcode-Control Center

[turn ON] wallet

[turn ON] erase data – erase all data on this iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts to protect your data on the phone.


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Do you want copy files to and from a LAN server to your iPhone / iPod?

Yes, you can do that through the cable from iPhone/iPod. Do you think of doing that through wireless connection? That will be cool and convenient. One APP I got from recently called TIOD ( – a remote file viewer for iPhone /iPod. Several weeks ago, it still had issues to visit samba share. It always stop and quit automatically when I visit a samba share. After the most recent update, the issue was solved and now I can view and copy files from any LAN file servers to the iPhone/iPod, and vis versa. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The following is a screen shot.

The function I like most is My PC, My folder and Ready 4 Others. Through My PC function, you can visit Windows Share and Samba Share of linux machines. You can navigate through directory trees in the remote system. For the files you are interested, you can view it or copy it to your phone. Ready 4 Others function is a FTP server. You can use FTP client on your machine to visit My Folder on the phone. Because of the full function of the FTP server, you can use FTP client to manage your files on the phone.

My Folder function allows you to navigate through the files existing on your phone. You can view and play them as you want. You can email them to someone.

I have not explore the His/Her Phone and  FTP server. They are useful functions if you have multiple gadgets and want to inter-operate them.


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Air Drive – an APP that turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a wireless drive

A while ago I introduced an iPhone / iPad app, FilePro, which is a good app for transfer files from your iPhone/iPod to computer. It provides two ways to do this, FTP server and iTune app interface. Recently I came across with an new app called Air Drive. It has the similar functions to transfer files between computer and your handhold devices. Its advantages include using web interface instead of FTP server, and providing alternative way to access your photos on your device. By using web interface, you can easily share your photos and files with others within LAN and even through the internet.

The following screen shot is its WWW server control window. What you need to do is to turn on/off the web server. Once you turn on the www server, IP address of the web server will show in the screen.

Then you can use the given ip address to visit the web server, the following is a screen shot of the web interface. It is convenient and easy to access your files and photos even though its functionality is limited.

Please refer to FileApp – a useful tool for file transfer between iPod/iPhone and PCs for detail to use iTune to transfer data files to Air Drive.


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Free ssh client app for iPhone

I was searching for a good ssh client on iPhone for a while. Most of the ssh clients are paid app. Yesterday, I came across a free ssh client app – zaTelnet. I tested in several ways. It works fine for me. Screen is large enough to view data. Only thing I am not like is the click sound whenever you type.


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iPhone/iPod App to control MySQL database

In last few weeks, I reviewed several iPhone/iPod apps that can connect to MySQL server and manipulate data. My main focus are the free apps. There are a couple of free apps the emerges from the weeds.


Liya is iPhone/iPod Touch app, which can connect to MySQL5 and PostgreSQL databases. It allows iPhone/iPod users to access and edit the database contents. Its interface is very simple and easy to use. It like a driven down tool, from databases -> tables in the selected database -> data record. Once in the data record screen, you can search data and edit data values. If you are looking for a tool the allows you view, edit, and add data record, this one definitely can serve the purpose.

DB Tracklayer

DB Tracklayer is a free iPhone/iPod app, which can connect to MySQL server. Compare to Liya, the one is little bit slow, but it is more powerful because it not only can view and edit data, it can modify table structure, administrate MySQL server. Once you connect to a MySQL database server, and you can execute various commands on database just as a client terminal. Its main features include the following:

  • Table data alteration (insert, update and drop)
  • Browse, create, insert, drop various kinds of object with GUI
  • Generate and execute SQL statement
  • Easy to browse server administration items


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