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Use python to create PowerPoint slides automatically

I have a large number of images. I want to organize them in powerpoint files by automatically insert each picture to a new powerpoint slide and control it’s position and size. I came across a nice Python library – python-pptx … Continue reading

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Embed Movie, Flash, Music files to PowerPoint Slides

Recently I switched to Microsoft Office 2007. User interface has been changed dramatically. I had a hard time to get familiar with the Office components. Even though, I managed to learn them very fast and got things done quickly. The … Continue reading

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Create PowerPoint slide in C#

There are situations we need control MS Office components in our program, for example, manipulate data in Excel workbook, generate PowerPoint slides, intracte with Access database etc. In this article, I will provide detail information about how to control PowerPoint … Continue reading

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Automate PowerPoint Slide Creation

One time I have to generate a lot of graphs on fly and insert them to PowerPoint slides to create a nice presentation. The situation is that I have to repeat this process again and again every week or days. … Continue reading

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