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Develop a search engine for a database-driven website

Nowadays people are getting really lazy. Because the big search engines, like Google, provides customized search engine for individual websites. A lot of website developers just simply adopt the Google search engine for the websites they are developing. Compare to … Continue reading

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GROUP domain from url in MySql

Problem I have a large database that contains many urls, there are many domains repeating and i;m trying to get only the domain. eg: http://example.com/someurl.html http://example.com/someurl_on_the_same_domain.html http://example.net/myurl.php http://example.org/anotherurl.php and i want to get only domains, eg: http://example.com http://example.net http://example.org My … Continue reading

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Improve MySQL search by using Union statement

I was developed a complex stored procedure in MySQL to search phrases. It took me a while to make it work as I wanted. I noticed that my procedure still have a flaw that have duplicate record and cannot count … Continue reading

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SQL in MS Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2007 is a powerful tool to handle data, large or small, simple or complex. Recently I was forced to use it to do something because the data source was stored in an Access database. It comes out that … Continue reading

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A PHP example to generate WordPress-like category list

In one of my post I described a way to use SQL stored procedure to extract data in a particular order and then generate a list. you can find the post from the following link. A SQL stored procedure to … Continue reading

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