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Save and retrieve utf-8 characters to MySQL database directly

As the new version of MySQL Workbench (V5.2.31) rolled out, it solved the utf-8 character problem. I can directly insert, query, and edit utf-8 characters. This is first time I use the interface to directly handle Chinese characters in utf-8. … Continue reading

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Remove BOM from utf-8 files

Problem When I developed a PHP web application with multiple language support, I encountered a situation that PHP report “header is already sent”. That was caused by the Unicode Byte Of Mark (BOM) at the beginning of files in utf-8 … Continue reading

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JavaScript handling UTF8 characters

When I developed a PHP web application with AJAX. I encountered a problem that JavaScript cannot process utf-8 character correctly. Whenever user enter a UTF-8 string, it was converted to ASCII in JavaScript and delivered to PHP script. The site … Continue reading

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Solution for Cannot modify header information in PHP application

I encountered a strange problem when I developed a PHP website application. When I use english language file, saved in ASCII format. The web application runs smoothly with no problem. As soon as I change the language file to an … Continue reading

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Database migration: MS Access to MySQL server

The Problem Recently I solved a database migration problem: migrate MS Access database encoded in GB2312 to MySQL server encoded in UTF-8. I’d like to share what I did and hope it is useful to help you solve your problem. … Continue reading

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