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VB Script to automate unzipping files in Windows System

The following VB Script can be used to automate unzipping zip files in Windows OS. sub unzipfile(zipfile) ‘The location of the zip file. ZipFile= “.\” & zipfile & “.zip” ‘The folder the contents should be extracted to. ExtractTo=”.\” & zipfile … Continue reading

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Create an MS Access database by ASP VBScript

I’ve been dreaming of creating MS Access databases through VBScript for ASP server for a long time.  But I did not know how to create AutoNumber field. I spent two nights at home to write this vbscrip because I got … Continue reading

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Automatically cleaning up your hard disk

Windows applications usually creates backup or temporary files in different directories on your hard drive. Some of them are automatically erased by corresponding applications while others stay in your hard drive for a long time if not forever. These files … Continue reading

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Mapping network drives in LAN

In Windows, there are a number of script files with different file extensions as the following: .bat,.cmd MS-DOS/Windows batch file MS-DOS operating system batch file .asp ASP page Active Server Page file .html HTML file Web page .js JScript file … Continue reading

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