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Let Python work with Apache2

Python is very good language with efficient execution and clean code. It will be nice to write server side scripts in Python. A simply search of the internet, ended the following use information. The original information was from the following … Continue reading

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Online Notetaker – an ASP web application

I use internet a lot. You might be, too. Do you have a need to write something down when you are online and want to access it later on? I do. That is why that I wrote this web application. … Continue reading

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Create an MS Access database by ASP VBScript

I’ve been dreaming of creating MS Access databases through VBScript for ASP server for a long time.  But I did not know how to create AutoNumber field. I spent two nights at home to write this vbscrip because I got … Continue reading

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User guide of NSLU2 file/web server

1. Introduction 2. Installation and configuration 3. FTP server 4. Web server 5. SSH server 6. Port forwarding 1. Introduction Currently more and more families subscribe broadband Internet services, either Cable or DSL. In general, every family has more than … Continue reading

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Build a full-blown file/web server on Linksys NSLU2

Content 1. Introduction 2. Overview of NSLU2 3. Setup the new device 4. Upgrade firmware 5. Prepare the NSLU2 device for unsling 6. Unsling 7. Post-unslung setting 8. Install essential packages 9. A shell script to accelerate the setting 10. … Continue reading

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