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VB Script to automate unzipping files in Windows System

The following VB Script can be used to automate unzipping zip files in Windows OS. sub unzipfile(zipfile) ‘The location of the zip file. ZipFile= “.\” & zipfile & “.zip” ‘The folder the contents should be extracted to. ExtractTo=”.\” & zipfile … Continue reading

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Set a program run as administrator permanently in Windows 7

There are times that you need run an application by using administrator’s privilege in Windows. To do that, the simplest way is right-clicking the application and choose “Run as administrator” in the context menu. However, it is not convenient that … Continue reading

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Use Terminal Service Client of the Ubuntu System

Terminal Service Client is the tool for you to connect to your Windows computer on Ubuntu system. It provides a powerful set of functions for the Windows remote desktop. There are other related applications, Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop viewer, … Continue reading

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Install Chinese support for Ubuntu 10.04 TLS Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop is an excellent desktop operating system. It can replace Windows completely with benefits, like less virus and malicious adwares and thousands of free software. Because of these benefit, I completely switched from Windows OS to Ubuntu OS with … Continue reading

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PERL processes files and related functions

Command line parameters If you want to know how many command line arguments the program gets, you can use $#ARGV because ARGV is an predefined array in Perl. Here is code snippet to use this array. if ($#ARGV != 1) … Continue reading

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